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The great thing about people is we are all totally different from one another. Some people like marmite and some people will have gagged and retched at the very word. Some people are buddies with god and some people can’t understand religion at all. Some people are able to work in an office from nine to five desperate to answer their superiors every beckon call and others couldn’t imagine anything worse.

We call these people entrepreneurs. They just have that unrelenting need to be independent, to not answer to anyone and prove they can be a success on their own. We like these people. We like them a lot.

However, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Just deciding what business they want to start can be so tough that even choosing from the menu at Dinner By Heston would be easier. Knowing what you want to commit to, what you want to work around the clock pushing and growing, and what perfect idea is worth your energy is not easy.

If you are reading this with peeled eyes, your head gently nodding in agreement with every word, then we have some good news because we have pulled together a list of profitable industries worth chucking on your shortlist.


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Take Auto Repair On The Road

The car repair business is not going anywhere fast. In fact, it is booming like you wouldn’t believe. More people means more cars and more cars means more work for mechanics. However, taking a car to get repaired is not the simple task many owners hope it would be. Either their car won’t start, the wait at the shop is lengthy and trying to hire a car or catch a lift is a logistical nightmare. So why not take your mechanical services to them – become a mobile mechanic. Sure, some things need the shop, but battery changes, fluid changes, oil refills and loads more can be done on their driveway. Minimal overheads too.


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People Love Food And Drink

The food and drink revolution is only growing and, if you know where to look, you could find yourself entering a seriously profitable arena. Let’s take people’s addiction to coffee as a place to start. This is an $8.2 billion business. Any slice of that has to be attractive right. Yes, the competition is tough, but a mobile coffee business could see you float to the top. Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, why not go to them. It could be festivals, parties, business offices, networking events or just a popular beach. That freedom is yours. Food trucks offer you another answer. The bigger cities are already saturated on this front, but the smaller metropolis’ are still untapped. All you need is a delicious cuisine and you’re free to make money. Just watch Chef and copy.


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Get Paid To Look Great

No, we’re not talking about becoming a model for some dodgy online agency that makes you pay for a portfolio. We’re talking about taking your love for all things fitness and turning it into a business. Everyone wants to be healthy, get in shape and lose a little weight – the big problem is time. People don’t have the time to hit the gym, which is good for you because you may not have the capital to open a gym. Instead, all you need to do is throw some resistance bands, yoga mats, and weights into the boot of your car and take your fitness know-how to them. It could be a session at their home or a group class in a park. By making it accessible to them you will win over clients. Not only that but they’ll meet their needs and that means you’ll meet yours. Simple.