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An office is a hub of activity for a business. Phones are ringing, conversation is flowing, and people are coming in and out for meetings all the time. It is made up of so many moving parts that magically seem to fit together in business synchronicity. Not only do you have to manage all of that, you have to ensure that none of the cogs stop moving; once one area stops moving, the whole operation comes to a grinding halt.

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Another part of running an office is saving your business time. You want meetings to be on time and finish on time. You want your technology to be upgraded enough that business operations don’t stop while waiting for the right IT support. It’s a huge responsibility, to make sure that your business runs smoothly, calmly and on time for everyone. The more efficiency that you have in your office, the more productive your staff and the more money you can rake in. It’s about balance and finding that balance is important. So, here’s some of the ways that you can ensure that your company doesn’t stop just because one part of the machine has stopped working!

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- Be Organised. Sounds like a stupidly obvious idea, doesn’t it? Everything in your office, from the people to the staplers, should have a place to be. There’s got to be designated areas for everything, so that you can keep organized. The more organised that you are, the better your company can be efficiently run. If you are meticulous about this, you can cut the time that gets wasted with people trying to find things.

- Self-Sufficiency. Your staff thrive better with autonomy, right? Well, it’s important that you hire in the best people so that you can really push the agenda of self-sufficiency. The office can be a well-oiled machine if people know what they should be doing and when. Managing the duties of the office doesn’t mean that you are a maid service, so make it clear from day one with each staff member that they alone are responsible for things going right or wrong.

- Automate. There are so many things in the office that can now be automated. Email shots going out to customers and clients, ordering snacks for the vending machines and paying bills can all be automated and put on a schedule. If you ensure that your schedule is planned properly, you’ll be able to put that item out of your mind and just wait for the deliveries to turn up.

- Positivity. A positive work environment is the most important ingredient of an efficiency soup. If you are positive, encouraging and aware of how your staff are doing, you can ensure that your office stays productive and running correctly. There’s no need for mistakes if everyone is aware of their role and how to play it.

Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand and your company can continue running in a timely and smooth manner with no wastage.