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One of the joys of creating a business is to one day, be comfortable enough, where you don’t have to babysit your staff, and fix issues all throughout the day. It’s within the right the business owner to be able to relax and take it easy, once they’ve done all the hard work.

Having a business that can run without you, is almost compulsory if you want to be able to leave the office and network around the world. Rather than stressing over the day-to-day functions of the business, you should be freed up to go to international meetings, business exhibitions, investor group conferences and meet clients face to face. This means you not only need staff to be able to work with purely your words of demand but have processes incorporated as part of your business that make it run smoother.

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Standard procedures 

To save time, your business should have a smooth running order that can be relied upon to make the daily activities run smoothly. Standard operating procedures come with experience but enable you to run the business on autopilot. Whenever you see a pattern in your business, especially ones that take more time than usual to fix or confirm, you should study what is exactly happening and devise a solution protocol. This could mean interlinking multiple departments to work more fluidly whenever a certain type of order or client is being dealt with. Standard procedures also give staff confidence and order to their work and stop frantic panic from occurring when there is a reliable protocol to follow in tense situations.

Fluid enquiries 

As a small business, your staff should be focusing purely on the job at hand, which is to deliver high-quality products and services, as well as giving customers security and updates. Just because you are away from the business, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be kept up-to-date with who is contacting you and for what reason. It could be anything from a benign interaction of complimentary greetings or updates from business partners to urgent requirements to re-book a meeting or change a large order. With a virtual receptionist from, they can backlog your calls, send them through to you when you want, and take down records and messages of who and why called your business. Without the need to build an extra area or hire more staff, a cloud based receptionist can log any and all details and relay them to you in a professional manner.

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Keeping daily records 

A business owner shouldn’t be glued to their desk because even though online technology has advanced dramatically, human interaction in business will never be replaced. You should be able to trust your employees with the running of your company while you are traveling abroad, marketing, networking and securing investments in meetings with other CEOs. Keeping daily records of all the business activities, allows you to keep track of the business while away from the office. These records should be online and only accessible to you and perhaps some of your most trusted employees, mainly the superiors. With this information, you can address concerns you might have, on a flight, in your hotel room and practically anywhere in the world.

It’s important for you to be able to rely on your business to function and not come to a grinding halt when you’re away. No business owner wants to babysit their staff forever. Aiding them and the business itself, with modern procedures and services, gives you peace of mind to go globe trotting, and being able to rely on coming home to your business still functioning at a high standard.