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Unifying your staff year after year is an essential component of running a tight business ship. If you neglect to do this, you can often find your staff fragmented, working against your interests rather than with them. There are many methods of unifying staff, and doing so not only creates a positive office environment, but helps the internal life of your firm thrive.

There are many methods as to how you might achieve this. In order to do this, consider the following:

Brand Identity

Brand identity is everything, not only because it helps clients understand and recognize your presence and what you have to offer, but it allows employees to feel the same way in their output. Corporate identity is important to get right. From the custom font you design for your website or logo, to the colors you clothe your business in, to the use of humor you may inject into all of your business offerings and outputs, your corporate identity needs to be strong, and needs to have something to say.

It might be branding that helps you do this, it might be an internal language in your firm, or it might simply be attempting to ensure everyone in the team feels like part of a family, by encouraging smart casual clothing, using open plan office layouts, and ensuring everyone celebrates their success together, or helps one another with failure. With a full brand identity that every employee can feel like they belong to, they can unify behind a common business cause.

Celebrating Achievements

Try and foster a culture of belief, celebrating achievements, and mutual encouragement. It might be you have a suggestion box each week that asks for people to describe the positive work of another colleague that has helped them. It might be you display the achievements of a department in full view of your entire office via a wall collage. Celebrating achievements helps your staff know they’ve been doing good work, and have done so as a team.

Something To Believe In

We’ve all worked for seemingly faceless, soulless corporations before. It can be quite a sad state of affairs to feel trapped in this environment. Luckily, your business needn’t foster this attitude. Giving your staff something to believe in, such as ethical work you might donate to, or taking positive strides to clean up your operations and contribute to the environment rather than take it away, to trying to promote healthier attitudes to a certain good, you can be sure that if your staff believe in your product, you will unify.

Think of the perk in attitude that McDonalds corporate staff may have felt when their 100% real beef burgers were introduced in the early 2000s. It’s a small change that arguably should have been there in the first place, but with the willingness to make changes of this nature, you’ll often find yourself with a staff that feels more accepting of all your business operations on a fundamental level.

With these tips, unifying your staff year after year is sure to be nothing if not possible.