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When you are an entrepreneur with an idea, you’re like a dog with a bone; until you get what you want, you won’t let go. Being in a position to develop new products, take them to market and get them sold is a very fortunate position to be in indeed! However, when you want to develop a new product in the technology world, you need to be in a position to hire the right engineer for the job. Not every engineer out there is the same, and there are different types of engineers – so research is key!

Hiring the wrong designer is a very real worry for a lot of companies looking to develop their new product. You need to hire someone that is right for the product you are creating, otherwise you would be wasting your time. You want to look for engineers with experience on a huge range of products, including Altium 18. Knowing that you are hiring someone in with new innovations under their belt will be drastically in your favour as an entrepreneur. Don’t try to cut too many costs with your engineer choices: a low-cost engineer could be a recipe for disaster for your product. You also want to be able to invest in quality for your product, and so cutting costs on hiring shouldn’t cross your mind.

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Be transparent about your hiring process and what you are looking for when you want to bring someone on to develop a product for you. There are things you can do as part of your hiring process to make life easier for you, and asking for your interviewees to provide examples of their past work is one of the things that is a must. You don’t just want to hire a resume, you want to hire a personality and if you have someone come in who is as enthusiastic about your product as you are, you cannot lose. You should also ask your prospective candidates to complete a small task to test their experience. As a company, you will of course value creativity. Asking a designer to do a task for you and put their own spin on things is a smart way to work out whether you can get any other outcome for your product.

Hiring in an engineer isn’t a quick process. It can be quite hard to assess technical knowledge in one interview, so the process may go on for some time. Be open about your interview process from the beginning: those who are passionate about your product and your company vision are going to be keen from the start. A long interview process can be taxing on both the interviewer and the interviewee, so try to keep each stage short. A hiring process takes time, and you should always seek advice from a HR professional to guide you through each stage so that you are covering all legal bases. Your product needs to be out to market as soon as possible, so hire in the right talent to make that happen!