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You may have just finished college or high school, and now you’re looking to start your career right. You’ve applied to so many places, and now you’ve finally been offered an interview. You may be nervous because you don’t want to mess up this amazing opportunity that’s been placed before you. Fear not, because below are four things to keep in mind that will have you acing your interview.


There is a well-worn saying that states you will never have a second chance to make a first impression. Now while modern research has put that window of first impressions down to less than a second, do not despair. Your interview will last longer than a second and be based on more than just gut reaction. But it just goes to show how quickly people can make a first impression about you. Ensure you are doing all you can to help yourself by turning up on time and being presentable. Dress appropriately but smartly. If you are interviewing for a manual labour job, turning up in a full three-piece suit may seem a bit excessive. However, for any office based job or similar, you should aim to dress as smartly as possible. Ensure your shoes are clean and polished, your nails are trimmed and free from dirt, and your hair is clean and presentable. You should do your best to look like someone who is intelligent, trustworthy, and worth hiring.


This one may seem odd, but nobody wants to hire a robot. Show your interviewer a little bit of what makes you unique. Be careful not to overstep any boundaries or be too informal though. Be polite and speak clearly, but leave them with a sense of what kind of person you are. Remember, this is just as much about you interviewing them as it is about them interviewing you. Both parties must be sure that your personality will be a good fit for the company.


Not every interviewer will ask you what you know about the company, its history, and its current work in the market, but every interviewer who does will be incredibly disappointed if you don’t know at least a little bit about them. Go on to their company website and read through the company history, make some notes on the highlights through the years and their modern successes. If you are being interviewed by someone who is a prominent figure within the company and information is available about them, make sure you read through it. You need to show your interviewer that you take this opportunity seriously and you are someone who can be counted on to do a thorough job.


Think beyond your academic qualification. This about your life experience that makes you unique. If you play sports, they may be interested in you joining the company team; this shows a willingness to integrate and allow you to settle in better. If you aren’t sure what you have to offer, companies like Education Life Skills have a variety of courses that will help to arm you with skills that will make you more employable.

Remember to get a good night’s sleep before your interview and arrive with plenty of time to spare. Follow these tips, and you’ll be shaking hands and accepting that job offer before you know it.