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Employee perks are an extremely important part of any successful business. When you give perks to your employees, you should notice your businesses productivity shoots up, your employees are happier and more engaged, your clients are happier – and that’s just the beginning. The key to pretty much any problem in business is to treat your employees well. Your employees are helping you to drive your business forward, and if you treat them badly, you can expect slow results, mistakes, demotivation, days off sick, and more.

How Engaged Employees Impact Your Business

Engaged employees can have an untold amount of positive impact on your business, whatever it is you do. Engaged employees have been proven to have fewer days off, and to get more done. They feel more of a loyalty towards their employers, and can actually end up becoming huge brand advocates for your business. You can’t buy word of mouth recommendations, and they are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can hope for. When you keep your employees happy and engaged, they’ll likely recommend your product/service to all who show a need for it. In that case, imagine what an employee who is seriously unhappy at work can do? They might warn people off working with the business. People who are unhappy tend to tell more people about their experiences than those who are happy – that’s just the way humans work.


You might think your customers are the most important group of people to your business, but your employees have a direct effect on them. Don’t think your customers won’t be able to tell if a halfhearted job has been done on a project, or if they are speaking to somebody who is unhappy in their role. Making your employees happy has a domino effect.

How Can You Incorporate Employee Perks?

Now that you are under no misconceptions about how important engaged employees are, you need to know how you can incorporate employee perks. Good news: it isn’t always about buying things for them and hoping they do a good job. The things that make a biggest difference are recognition and praise. Simply recognising the hard work your employees are putting in and praising them as a group and individually will make a huge difference. It’s then up to you to decide what perks to include. It could be a fleet fuel card, a gym membership, donuts on a friday, or all three. It all depends on what you feel your employees will respond best to. Don’t forget to include things like training and team building. Your employees will feel more engaged and loyal when they know you are investing in their personal development.

It’s worth remembering that when you offer great perks, you’ll often get a higher quality of candidate when you have an available job. People are becoming pickier, so if you’re offering 0 perks and minimum wage, you’re not going to get people who are massively qualified or who even really want the job on offer!

How will you change your business for the better?