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There are many useful business skills that can help you to get further in your career. Going to business school is one way to learn all that you need to know, but it’s not essential. There are various other ways that you can learn from others and teach yourself how to be a better business person. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur and run your own business or you’re happy to climb the career ladder working for other people, you can always learn something new. Take a look at these tips to expand your knowledge and hone your business skills.

Further Your Education

A formal education isn’t essential if you want to be a good business person. However, it can give you a solid foundation if you want to learn as much as possible about business. If you’re thinking about continuing your education, you don’t need to start attending school first time. If you take an online BBA program or something similar, you can do it all from home and in your spare time. An online course is ideal if you want to improve your business skills while you continue to work. Once you’ve finished your studies, it could help you get a promotion or a new job, or just give you a better understanding of your current role.


Find a Mentor

Learning from other people is one of the best ways to grow your business skills. A lot of people learn better by watching others and putting what they observe into practice. Sitting in a classroom and listening to lecturers isn’t always useful. Try looking for a mentor with business skills and experience who can help to nurture your skills. They might help you out by giving you advice or allowing you to shadow them so that you can learn in a working business environment.

Read Some Valuable Books

Reading books about business can teach you a lot more than you might think. Some of the greatest business minds have written useful books that offer you practical advice about performing better in the business world. If you’re not sure where to start, try the Harvard Business School reading list. There are some insightful titles featured on various courses from the school. You can take a look at some of them that have been compiled in a list by Lauren Hintz if you want to take a quick glance at which ones could help you out the most.

Watch Some Educational Videos

If reading isn’t really your thing, you might want to watch some useful advice instead. Whenever you want to learn about a topic from a variety of interesting angles, TED talks are often the best things to watch. Experts give talks about their specialist subjects and offer plenty of advice for anyone who wants to learn from them. The TED website makes it easy to filter by topic, so it’s simple to find videos on business.

You can grow your business skills using a variety of methods. However you prefer to learn, there are useful resources available for you.