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Virtually every business needs a website these days and it needs to look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Brands which lack the internal expertise to develop a website or who want something more than a very basic site will usually hire a developer.

Unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with what goes into developing and they don’t know what to look for when hiring.  If you think that could be you, read on for five things you need to consider before bringing a developer on board. You can use a recruiting platform to help hire developers.

Check your developer’s experience 

The developer should have proven experience in creating modern, responsive sites. Training is not enough, especially if your project is an extensive one. The developer should have some knowledge of XML, SQL, and JavaScript.  Try to get a developer with at least a year’s solid experience. Ask to see a portfolio and testimonials from former clients.

Ask about your developer’s availability 

You need to ensure that the developer has enough time to dedicate to your website. A developer who is swamped with work will either give you a site that is rushed or take a really long time to deliver. Check with your potential hires to see how long they think the project is likely to take and see whether it matches with your timeline.

Make sure your developer pay attention to security 

Your site could be vulnerable to a wide range of security problems unless your developer put systems in place to protect you.  No site is too small to attract hackers. Ensure that he or she can tell you the steps they plan to take to prevent hackers and phishing scams from having access to your site. Proper security will ensure that your information and that of your customers and partners don’t get into the wrong hands. It also keeps your company in compliance with legal requirements and helps your company to maintain a good reputation.

Ensure your developer offers ongoing support 

Ideally, you want a developer who will be around to assist you even after they’ve handed over the site. Everything may not make not work perfectly at first or you may need to make a couple changes to functionality. Your site may also be affected by a security breach despite the developer’s best effort and he or she may need to correct the problem. Many developers offer support for a month or two after the project is complete.

See if your developer has curiosity 

This might sound a little strange but depending on the nature of your project, you may want a developer who thinks outside the box. Forbes Technology Council calls them the tinkerers and curious. For them, it’s not all about credentials and experience. They like developers who experiment, work on personal projects and blog. If you want your website to be disruptive, you may want to ask your prospective hires to show you some of their most interesting work.

You may not know how to develop a site but now you know how to choose the best developer. Take your specific needs and any prospective hires’ skills and interests into consideration before you sign a contract.