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An ideal office if you’re a sardine.

Business office spaces have a terrible habit of sprawling and expanding, taking up all the available space in the blink of an eye.

When you first moved into the space, it seemed huge. You couldn’t imagine that you would ever make use of every room, every area– you thought there would always be space available, in need of a purpose.

Fast forward a few years, and you realize that you were naive. The office, once so bright and empty, is now packed to the gills. There’s stuff everywhere. There are desks pushed close to walls, boxes stacked in corners, entire rooms have had to be cordoned off; navigating the office floor begins to feel like you’re on an assault course.

We all know that employees work best in clean, tidy spaces– but it seems your office sprawl is threatening the productivity of your company. If you want to wrest back control, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1) Install Lockers

Lockers are an essential if you want your office space to remain clear. The more employees bring bags, coats, hats etc. onto the office floor, the more space is going to look — and feel — restricted.

Lockers are the most effective way of preventing that. Staff can stash their belongings, bags, and other items they’ve brought with them to work, and lock them away securely. This frees up space on the office floor and ensures that the area is easier to keep tidy.

2) Evict Large Items

Large items, such as your servers or display stands used for trade shows, can be hugely space-consuming, often taking up an entire room and rendering that space useless for anything else. So, you need to evict them.

You have various options for this. If you store your own servers, then browse through a colocation cost blog to see if cloud or external storage would work for your company. For storage items that aren’t frequently used — such as banners and tables for events — it’s worth considering a renting a storage unit. The cost of a unit is small, and the space you will get back in return is large.

3) Install Shelving

Shelves are not frequently seen in offices, which is a shame, as they can be extremely useful. If you have any free wall space, it’s worth investing in a few shelves to line it– a square-hole grid system is particularly useful, as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

What shelving helps to achieve is removing items from the floor. This creates the illusion of space, so the room will look better even if you’re technically storing the exact same items. For extra tidiness, invest in storage boxes; open-shelf systems can sometimes look messy if they are not constantly neatened.

In Conclusion

Improving the space in your office is vital. It’s an important task for employee productivity, as well as being a safety issue. If you utilise the ideas above, your office space should feel brand new– and now all you need to do is focus on ensuring it stays that way!