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 Even the best business is nothing without its workforce. You need the right people on board to keep everything running, after all, you’re never going to be able to perform every task yourself! You need people who are highly motivated, hardworking and reliable as well as able to do their job correctly and to a high standard each day.

Here’s how you can get (and keep!) excellent staff for your business.

Advertising, Recruitment, and Interviewing

To find people to work at your business, you need to advertise the vacancy. Right from this early stage, everything needs to be done correctly. Overselling the job, dressing it up and making it appear like something it isn’t may disappoint people and could lead to them leaving (and a high staff turnover rate is always going to be bad news). Make sure the job is described correctly and accurately. During the interview process, you want to get to know the candidates and find out who is best suited for the role.

Can they describe actual scenarios where they’ve achieved great things, with skills that will transfer to the vacant role? Do they have a track record of hitting targets, making sales or anything else? Do they appear polite, well dressed and friendly? If your business is going to be working with customers and clients directly, this is particularly important. Finding the most suitable employees from the get-go means you won’t waste money recruiting, interviewing and training more workers if they leave or get fired later down the line.

Keep Them Safe

When you employ people to work as part of your business, it’s your duty to look after them. They need to be kept safe while doing their job, and not be put under any avoidable risks. If you run a warehouse, this could involve putting a mezzanine gate across high platforms to reduce the risk of people falling.

If you run an office or shop, it could mean making sure slips, trips, and falls are kept to a minimum by following the correct safety procedures. On building sites, it would mean ensuring workers are wearing the right PPE and have the correct health and safety certification to be on site. The exact risks will depend on the type of work you do, but minimizing risk and making sure health and safety is properly taken care of is crucial.

Offer Good Employee Benefits

When it comes to snagging great employees, it’s not just a case of ‘build it and they will come.’ To interest the best people you need to have something worth offering. A salary based on their experience, good employee benefits, a company car, smartphone or laptop if they are needed for the role.

A pleasant office space, and you being a friendly boss are all things are likely to pique people’s interest, and could give you the advantage over other companies who are hiring. Even gestures like occasional meals paid for by the firm or prizes for hard working employees can help to make workers feel appreciated and improve worker satisfaction.