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There’s nothing worse than being in a conundrum over the direction of your business. If your company’s vision, ethos and vibe have become a little muddled and you’re struggling to find a core market, it could be that your branding is the misnomer that is having a knock-on effect and touching every area of your business. Sometimes, our business venture that was once buoyant and flourishing, can become stale and stuck in a rut. Sitting on your hands will achieve nothing, so it’s vital that you’re proactive and try to change course. Take a look at these reasons why rebranding your company could help it rediscover the mojo it once had.


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to change a logo or adapt a tagline. The most subtle of tweaks such as a color change, an added word or a curve instead of a straight line can revolutionize a logo. Bringing a logo into the twenty-first century can be daunting, especially if you are used to your look, image and branded letterheads. However, it’s vital that you move with the times and don’t stay stuck in 1987. Test the waters and display a few different logo tweaks to your followers on social media. Gauge their input and take on board their feedback. It might be that you need a little more of a drastic change than you first thought.

A Bigger Change

Sometimes you simply need to scrap a logo, branding or color scheme and adopt something totally different. Remember when Marathon became Snickers? A name change is drastic but can also generate a buzz and positive publicity. If this is the route that you are determined to go down, you must utilize some market research to ensure the new logo and branding that you adopt will go down well with your target market. Changing your brand once can be dynamic, twice and it looks indecisive.

When you design your new brand, think about keeping costs down and using a DIY logo generator online for free. Fully customizable, you can create a bespoke logo within minutes. Ensure that you add some all-important text if you need to. A catchy slogan a la McDonalds will keep your company memorable.


Rebranding will allow you to stand out from your rivals. Your company will naturally look fresher, more vibrant and more dynamic. With an image overhaul, you can consider going after new target markets. If you’re striving to reach the millennials, ensure that your new logo is sleek, modern and edgy. Your market research should determine the most appealing logos to your target markets. Trying to reach a niche that your competitors aren’t attracting will give you a monopoly on that particular market which could see a huge surge in revenue and an increase in profits.

With a new logo and branding, it’s not just the customers that are more motivated to buy from you, but your staff will be reinvigorated and could feel like they are working for a brand new company. Let your branding be just the start of your business overhaul and take a look at breathing new life into other areas of your company.