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There will come a time in every person’s life where they ask themselves how they can make more money either for a little bit of extra spending money, or to help top up their current wages to pay the bills. Luckily, there are many different ways in which you could do that. The most obvious way would be to save yourself money on the essentials as much as possible, but this article is going to concentrate on different ways to make money that everyone should try at least once.

Online Surveys

The amount of people using online surveys to make some extra money is on the rise because it’s easily done from the comfort of your own home. There are apps available that you can download on your phone, or you can even use your computer and do it via some online survey websites. The beauty of it is that you’re being paid to voice your opinion on things and there’s no wrong answer.

There’s also no limit on how much you can make either, so basically the more time you spend doing these online surveys, the more money you can earn. Some sites offer up to £10 per 20 minute survey, so take a look at some of the sites and see if you can earn yourself some extra cash! Be wary though that some sites have a minimum amount that you have to earn before you can withdraw anything.


Owning a share in a corporation or organisation can lead to massive money. While many people don’t understand how stocks can actually make you money, it’s all about holding onto the dividends that you already have and choosing the right stocks to buy in the first place. Luckily, these days there are things like a stock seasonality screener to help you along the way.

If you’re thinking about investing in a company, be sure to do it in one that you believe will last. Even though if the company does close down you won’t lose your assets, the longer that you hold shares within a company the larger your profit will be.


Property is a fantastic way of making money. The only downside is finding the initial money to buy a property and do it up. You can either make money by selling the property on for a larger profit than what you bought it for, or you can choose to become a landlord and rent the property out to people. Either way you will be making a profit and taking home a nice tidy amount at the end of it all.

Selling Skills

Finally, choosing to sell a particular set of skills on the side of your usual nine to five could make you a decent wage too. For example, if you’re skilled at baking cakes, why not sell your cakes to people in your town and make some extra money? Don’t forget to declare all of your earnings to avoid being caught up with the tax man though!

Try these four different ways and see if you could make yourself some extra money!