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When you began your business, if someone had told you that your website would be receiving plenty of visitors, how would you react?

The answer is probably: “I’d have been delighted”. After all, you’re a savvy business person in the modern world. You know the necessity of a strong online presence. You know that driving potential customers to your website should be the thrust of your digital marketing campaigns.

And now you have the visitors that you’ve been told you need. You can see them in your analytics; people are visiting your site, browsing around… but they’re not placing orders. You’re not converting those leads into sales. What use is all that traffic if no one is actively buying anything?

The answer: No use at all. Traffic without conversion isn’t a desirable thing; there’s no point in having good brand visibility if no one is actually buying anything. However, it’s clear that your marketing strategy is paying off to an extent; you’ve got the visitor numbers to show for it. So why are you not converting those leads?

Here are five possible reasons it’s worth taking the time to explore.

#1 – Your Site Is Poorly Designed

It’s worth reading up on what makes a website user-friendly so you can be sure your site isn’t turning potential customers away before you even have a chance to convince them of the virtues of your products.

#2 – The Leads Aren’t True Warm Leads

If a visitor comes to your site, that’s considered to be a lead; you now have a chance to sell your products to them. However, they’re not necessarily a good lead. They might have stumbled across your site while searching for something entirely different, or just have been browsing without ever having any true intention to make a purchase.

To focus your leads into those that are likely to convert, it’s worth consulting a inbound marketing agency that can help ensure all leads are potentially sales. As has been stated, there’s little point in having traffic without conversions — so you need to focus on the quality of the leads that your existing digital marketing strategy is managing to elicit.

#3 – Your Prices Are Too High

It’s an unfortunate truth, but one you might have to face up to. Of course, you want to make a profit on the items you sell; that’s pretty much the entire point of your business in a nutshell. However, if you keep experiencing good levels of traffic to your site and there are no sales… well, it’s your prices you will need to investigate.

Why not experiment with lower prices for a week? After seven days, you will be able to see if the lower prices has lead to a higher conversion in terms of sales. If it has, then you’ve got your answer. If not, examine other areas.

#4 – You Require Guests To Create An Account To Buy

This shouldn’t matter, but research has indicated that it really does. Always allow a guest checkout option if you want visitors to become customers.

Hopefully, the above will have helped you solve your conversion problem, and sales will boom from here on!