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Building a brand comes with many different considerations. For some people, it’s all about connecting with customers and responding to their queries and requests. For others, building a brand comes from expertly designed marketing with well-planned strategies that engage consumers. It goes without saying that effective brand-building can be done a number of different ways, but one successful method of drawing attention to your business is to do it through prestige.

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What is Prestige?

The textbook definition of prestige would read something like “respect felt for something based on importance and quality”. For instance, a product released with luxury marketing campaigns and promotional material that gives it a sense of importance is more likely to receive sales than something with basic marketing. Let’s take a car for instance. If there are many promotional campaigns of celebrities and important figureheads driving it, or if it has received countless awards which are displayed in an elaborate fashion, then it would be known as a prestigious product.

The world of fashion is filled with prestigious names and brands, despite many of the products being simple designs. The reason fashion companies can generate so much revenue is due to the exclusivity of the products and marketing that surrounds them. This generates an air of prestige around the product and makes people desire it more. People don’t always fall for it, but it goes without saying that the fashion industry is one that businesses can learn from. Through a combination of generating excitement on social media and making a product exclusive, you can generate a lot more sales if done correctly.

How Can I Make My Products More Prestigious?

As mentioned before, prestige is a lot about building excitement around a product, but it can also be done by generally making your business a desirable brand. Let’s start with your storefront. If you store isn’t well presented, clean and modern, then it’s going to be a lot less desirable.

First, think about the decor in your store. By using large glass display cases, you can show off your products and add an air of importance around them. Since your customers can’t touch them and only view them, it makes your products seem far more interesting and exclusive. If your products can be touched and handled by anyone, then it makes them seem a lot less desirable.

In addition, the appearance of your store also makes a huge difference. Everything from the outside to the ceilings needs to be pristine in order to show off your products. Cleaning isn’t done with just a mop or a cloth and soap either. You’ll need industrial high pressure water cleaners to blast dirt and grime off your premises and polish to make everything shine. You’ll also need staff and security who are dressed smartly, eloquent and polite so that your customers feel welcome in your store.

These are just a few examples of how you can make your physical store more prestigious. It’s all about the design of your store and also how you treat your customers. The entire customer experience needs to make your audience feel like they are being pampered from start to finish.

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Building Prestige with Social Media

Building a brand identity using social media is important. You need to learn how to utilise the internet in order to build awareness surrounding your brand. First impressions count if you want to build prestige around your company, and you need to have an air of confidence that shows people you have faith in your products.

One of the best ways to grow your brand over social media is to offer something exclusive, but you need to strike a balance between being confident and accessible. Anyone could list some clothing or a service on the internet for thousands, but people are just going to laugh you off if you aren’t able to back up your claims. Since you’ll need to show proof of your commitment to quality, it’s a good idea to send your products to reviewers or to let people try your services for free.

Building a solid base of customers is important to any business model, but it’s something that needs to be done early on because, as mentioned already, first impressions are incredibly important for a business that wants to build a prestigious name for themselves. There’s a lot of pride that goes into prestigious brands, and you’ll often need to do something out of the ordinary in order to garner attention. Whether it’s a self-mockery of your brand or making fun of competitors, you need to do something that will stand out and draw attention to your products and services.

Another good way to use social media to build a brand is to receive an endorsement from a figurehead in the industry that you wish to break into. For example, if you’re trying to make a product for people in the music industry, then all it takes is for someone famous to use your product and you’ll receive plenty of attention. This is usually harder said than done. Endorsements from figureheads don’t come cheap or easily, but if you have an irresistible product then you’re far more likely to get an influx of hungry customers. The moment you manage to get a collaboration event going with someone famous, you’ll know you’ve made it in the world of business as a prestigious brand.

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Building a prestigious name around your brand will take a big investment, but the payoff will be decades of loyalty from your customers as long as you continue to innovate without straying too far from your working formula. If you’re capable of capitalising on success as a prestigious brand, then you can easily work your way to stardom like other popular and well-known brands. Build a niche, rack up endorsements and sooner or later, you’ll have a brand that is worth talking about.