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Starting up your own business can be an incredibly exciting endeavor, but it’s an awful lot of hard work too. According to statistics, most business start-ups don’t make it past their first year, so you’ve potentially got some tough times ahead of you, but if you follow these simple tips and secrets, then you’ve got as much a chance as any of succeeding.

1. Market Research

In order for you to succeed as a business, you need to choose your target market (this means the age, gender, financial income, and location of your customer). This will help you to decide on a product to sell to your intended market or vice versa. Try to look for gaps in the market, and come up with a completely unique idea – People are more likely to buy from you if you offer something they can’t get anywhere else.

2. Start-Up Funds

The type of small business you intend to launch will greatly affect how much money you will need to launch it. Most business owners use their own money or borrow from family and friends, but others have loans of banks or high street lenders. If you’re the latter, you will need a water-tight business plan, so that your bank will have some faith that you will pay their money back.

3. Business Plan

Your business plan should include the type of business you are planning, the product/s you intend to sell, how you will sell them, where you will sell them, and your projected sales for the coming months and years. It would also be a good idea to have some sort of plan for when your sales are stagnant.

4. Discuss Your Ideas

As good as your ideas may sound to you, especially for a product that you’re passionate about, they could sound absolutely ridiculous to someone else. The best way to ensure this isn’t the case is to discuss your ideas and plans with someone else. Just ensure you can trust this person, and that they won’t steal your ideas.

5. Keep Your Job

If you’re already working when you decide to start your own business, ensure you keep your job if possible. This will ensure you have financial security until your business is making a regular profit.

6. Perfect Your Product

It makes much more sense to have your products mass produced professionally than made by you by hand. It will save you a lot of time and effort, and the plastic injection molding cost molding is sure to be a lot less than the profit you make from having a perfect product.

7. Get Accounting Advice

Things like tax and VAT can be confusing, especially if you have no previous experience dealing with them. Some professional accounting advice will make sure you don’t forget to pay something, or register your business somewhere, and avoid you having to pay a large fine.

People start up plenty of successful businesses every year, and with some careful planning and the right product, you could easily be one of them.

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