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Like countless others, you may have had a love for technology and computers for some time, yet haven’t been able to formulate any solid ideas as to what you want to do for a career. This is hardly surprising, considering how dependent modern businesses are on IT and the wide range of opportunities out there! If you’re still stuck for ideas, here are some of the most rewarding tech careers on the modern job market…

Business Intelligence Architect

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The main responsibility of a business intelligence architect is managing data procedures and standards related to warehousing, development and design of data models, and information management. The bulk of your work would be designing, improving, and enforcing data standards, as well as the architecture for configuring, installing and using business applications in order to direct and manage the whole business. Generally, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a related field, and an internship or some demonstrable experience in a similar role.

Solutions Architect

This job title may sound a little vague on the surface. After all, everyone with a job provides some kind of solution to the business they work for, right? A solutions architect, specifically, has an important role in the software development cycle. They’ll have a key part to play in the conversion of the software product, taking the application or solution requirements from the business or customer, pumping it into an architecture or design that will eventually become the skeleton of the solution being created. Although this kind of work is based heavily on previous design patterns, it still allows you some creative license you can flex once in a while.

Computer Networking Specialist

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A computer networking specialist, also known as an administrator or network analyst, will have a varying range of duties depending on the size and niche of the company they work for. Generally though, their responsibilities are focussed on maintaining the security and integrity of the business’s network, and all the different systems that are linked to it. To be successful in this role, you need to have a pretty extensive knowledge of network architecture and connectivity, universal protocols, and the various types of network currently in use, including fiber optic, wireless, as well as the most common types of operating systems. Bachelor’s degrees are generally preferred, but there are many internships that you can get on with a bit of credit.

Software Architect

This professional is responsible for the rudimentary design and development of a piece of software the company is working on, as well as extensive revisions over the course of the project. You’ll be responsible for defining the product requirements, and setting out high-level architectural specifications. The functionality, feasibility, and integration of software with existing systems and platforms will also rest on your shoulders. Again, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree to apply for this kind of position, and although it’s technically an entry-level job, a lot of companies require their solutions architects to have an advanced degree in a specific subject. You may be asked to manage and guide software developers through projects as well.