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Making Money With A Holiday Home

Posted by on Apr 23, 2018 in Travel & Real Estate | 0 comments

Image Source Buying a holiday home might sound like a luxury purchase that only the rich can afford. However, it could be a way of making an extra income by not just using it for your own leisure purposes but by also renting it out to other holidaymakers. Here are some steps to take for those wanting to make money out of a holiday home. Find the right location A remote property in the middle of nowhere might be your perfect idea of an escape, but it might not be what the majority of your guests want. Most people want some facilities and...

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Paranoid Entrepreneur? Here’s Why It’s GOOD For Business!

Posted by on Apr 19, 2018 in Business | 0 comments

Picture Source Running a a successful startup requires many significant human traits in spades, from empathy, to foresight, to bravery. But you wouldn’t consider paranoia to be one of them! But paranoia is something, when applied in healthy doses, that can give you a business the reinvigoration it needs. So, what can it actually help with? It Makes You Think About Scenarios And Solutions The overactive mind considers every possible scenario and solution. This is something that every business should embody as part of its ethos. Having a...

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Why Fishing Might Be More Beneficial Than Farming

Posted by on Apr 18, 2018 in Agriculture | 0 comments

We each have a duty to be aware of and reduce the ecological impacts of our diets, in whatever way seems fair to us as individuals. One of the easiest ways to do this for those who are unsure about going vegetarian or vegan is to try the pescetarian diet. This is where the only animals you eat are fish and seafood, and it is a growing trend which is proving to have some real benefits. There are a number of ways in which fishing is better for the planet than farming, but what are they? Let’s take a look at some of the finer details, so that...

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Growing Pains: When To Start Expanding Your Team

Posted by on Apr 18, 2018 in Business | 0 comments

Image Credit Entrepreneur’s are known for being ambitious visionary leaders, yet they are also known for being workaholics and perfectionists that struggle to let go of the reins of control within their business, operating from the paradigm that nobody can do something as well as they can.  This is a very limiting belief to have, in business, as there’s a certain point if your business in growing that necessitates building a team. If things are are going so well that you’re inundated with work you might want to consider hiring a...

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Embracing The Team Spirit – How To Keep Remote Employees Connected

Posted by on Apr 18, 2018 in Computers & Technology | 0 comments

Remote workers are becoming a more and more common part of the workforce, especially for new businesses. Remote workers could include administrative staff, fleet drivers and even managers in other locations, with many businesses finding remote workers a useful asset to have for the business. Image: Pxhere As more businesses seek to offer flexible working solutions to employees, it’s likely you could see the percentage of remote workers within your business increasing. While there are many positives to working remotely, there are also a lot...

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